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"台灣" 的時候了

二次大戰以後,台灣是台灣人的! 中華民國是中國的流亡政權, 並且向中(華人民共和)國 投降了, 自從馬英九上台以來,到如今發生各種不公不義 ,貪污濫權的事件 實在令人無法忍受,民進黨,所有受害個人,團體,要和公投盟 集合抗爭,要求 馬英九 下台 向全世界宣佈成立自己的國家 "台灣" ,這是符合人權, 符合世界潮流的, 這樣才能解決問題 ,也是我們的目標。

An Absurd Drama of Democracy in front of Taiwan's Presidential Office. On July 18, 2013, the people have lost their civil rights, and the corrupt officers have gained their power.

The Dapu Imposition Incident was occurred in Miaoli County in June 2010. Under the public pressure, the Vice President Wu Den-yi, who was the Prime Minister at that time, promise to preserve the houses and to return the farmlands to the Dapu residents. He declared the incident was thoroughly resolved.

But until now, there are still four houses has not yet been retained. The protesters are in the litigation process with the government in court. While the court is still in the process of hearing, and the legitimacy of imposition is not granted, the Miaoli County goes ahead and demolishes the four houses on July 18, 2013. The protesters and supporters are extremely upset at the arrogance of Miaoli County.

Our Government is so afraid of people who just speak with defenseless.

This is Taiwan. We will remember this day and keep fighting.

(感謝網友 Chunghao Kuo 幫忙修正英文翻譯∼)

— 在台北凱道